One of the easiest ways to change a room's appearance is by changing its color. It's a DIY project that's easy to do while refreshing and updating rooms, doors, trim, and even furniture.

Experience the difference that quality paint makes to a room's mood. Get creative and paint a feature wall or paint your moldings and trim to highlight your room's design features. The options are endless when it comes to paints and techniques to create a visual impact. And it's not just the walls that can use a splash of color. You can also use paint and stain on furniture, kitchen cabinets, and accent items to refresh their appearance.

Selling your home? Upgrade the curb appeal of your house. Revive faded window trim and doors with a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint, or upgrade the look of your deck or patio with a new stain.

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Paint Cans


We can provide all the paint you need for your next project or build. Shop primers, exterior paints, ceiling paints, anti-rust and more.

Stains & Brushes


Shop for the stains and sundries you need for your next project, including one-step oil-based stains, spray applications, and gel stains.

Tools & Supplies

We have the tools, accessories and supplies you need for your painting job, like brushes, paddles, trays, pails, applicators and rollers.